The global adaptive challenges facing humanity that we call the evolutionary crisis are too complex and systemic to be addressed and solved by any one person, organization, or institution and by the mindset-worldview of our current leaders. Therefore, we believe that we need a new type of leadership, with the mindset-worldview, competencies, purpose, and collaborative approach that we call evolutionary leadership in order not only to transform the evolutionary crisis but to design and build a better world.

Our philosophy is that a human evolution toward just, democratic, sustainable, flourishing organizations, institutions, and societies is within our choice, and can be produced by effective leaders, evolutionary leaders, their organizations, and citizens at all levels of society cultivating solidarity and working collaboratively for a common purpose.

We support this social evolution through educational programs, leadership development, coaching, and facilitating the emergence of evolutionary organizations and systemic sustainability.          We believe that evolutionary leaders are not heroic, or need to have power over others, or have a formal leadership position, or demand obedience of others. We believe leadership can be learned, is democratic, networked, and empowering.

We believe evolutionary leaders are committed to their personal transformation-evolution, and do their work from an ethics based on love-loving, dialogue, partnership, empowerment, co-inspiration and fostering collaboration and networking across all sectors of society, and at all levels of society, In this sense anyone can declare themselves an evolutionary leader.

Jonas Salk said “that participating in the activity of human evolution is one of the most meaningful activities in which a person can be engaged. This is true because human beings now play an active role not only in the process of their own evolution but in the survival and evolution of all living beings”.

Our machine age worldview and our industrial paradigm are not conducive to long term sustainability and we recognize the need for a shift toward an evolutionary-sustainable worldview and social paradigm. Business has become the dominant institution in our world today. Business and other human systems have become a growing evolutionary force on a global scale. Industry plays a major part of that evolutionary force, therefore our business leaders, institutional leaders, and civil society leaders can play a major role in the choices that are made toward human evolution and building a just and sustainable world.

Awareness of our current global reality and the impact of business, human systems, and industry as an evolutionary force, evokes a responsibility upon human beings for participation and contribution to the process of a conscious social evolution.

We believe that there is an opportunity and a choice to contribute toward human evolution and to create a sustainable future. We also claim that we can create a new renaissance for our civilization, by bringing together the collective knowledge and intelligence-wisdom of leading evolutionary thinkers, along with powerful new disciplines and methodologies that we can use for developing new kinds of leaders and for designing and building evolutionary organizations-institutions and a sustainable world.

These adaptive challenges require new ways of thinking and collaboration. In that spirit we invite you to learn, and collaborate with us and we also suggest that you learn from and visit these innovative organizations that are offering knowledge and tools for cultural and social evolution.

The following links point you to people and organizations that have an evolutionary understanding of our global challenges:


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