We offer leadership programs, collaborative processes, and design methodologies for creating sustainable organizations, living institutions, sustainability strategies, and for building a just, sustainable, flourishing world. We believe that there is sufficient knowledge, vision, and resources among our nations to design a better world. However, we need to generate more leaders and institutions that are committed to working together in collaboration for building a just, sustainable, and flourishing world.

We focus our methodology in the transformation of the self, cultures, organizations and institutions. We approach the transformation of our social reality through the work of evolutionary leaders that apply several competencies and methodologies in a systemic approach, shown in our model:

  • Systemic Sustainability
  • Organizational/Cultural-Social Evolution
  • Ontological Designing


We offer consulting, training, and coaching to leaders who want to transform their personal style of leadership, who want to transform their organizations, and to those who recognize that they can contribute toward human evolution and a sustainable future.

We work in a collaborative style with our clients. We recognize that our clients know their businesses and also have a tremendous amount of knowledge and talent inside their organization. We work with our clients to assist them in understanding their business in new ways, to perceive their business in a larger context, in terms of social trends, global megatrends, and their place and contribution as an evolutionary force.

We bring a whole systems perspective to our clients, helping them see, better understand and improve their internal systems and also to see and understand the place of their system within larger social and ecological systems.

Through our leadership development programs, we support leaders in becoming different observers of their systems and reality, and in becoming more effective leaders in driving change, and contributing toward human evolution.

We offer new paradigms and disciplines so that leaders can use these tools to guide their navigating toward organizational transformation and better futures.

When leaders begin to use some of these disciplines, such as Personal evolution, for themselves and for their teams, the tremendous amount of knowledge and talent in their organization becomes available for productivity, innovation, collective learning, and for a larger purpose, such as inventing a better future.

We bring transformational and evolutionary disciplines that can make a difference in your organization. We partner with you to invent your future. We customize our programs to fit your needs, concerns, and aspirations. We bring a broad range of expertise and a network of other experts and consulting organizations. We are members of the Society for Organizational Learning, and have access to a global network of experts and consultants.

We offer the following competencies and methodologies to promote personal, organizational, cultural and social evolution.

  • Personal Evolution: Designing a new self, a new global mind.
  • Emotional intelligence and Generative Language.
  • Dialogue and Social Laboratories.
  • Ontological Designing.
  • Systems Being and Thinking.
  • Systemic Sustainability.
  • Working with Adaptive Challenges at he micro, meso, and macro levels.
  • Learning and working in Networks of Collaboration.
  • Wisdom and Evolutionary Futures.



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